Sunday, May 29, 2016


“ ‘Gur-tuuuh’…. What is Faust?”

“Faust is a doctor who sells his soul to the Devil. Or, well, to the devil’s agent, Mephistopheles.  In return, Faust gets all the worldly power and knowledge a man could hope for.”

She lit a cigarette; stared at me openly.

“It’s a bet,” I finished.  “A bet between the Devil and God, just to see what would happen.”

Smoke oozed from her mouth.  “What happened?”

“Faust goes to Hell. 

“He tries to repent, but he goes to Hell.”

She nodded.

I shouldn’t be fucking this girl.

I shouldn’t be alone with her, naked in a hotel room.

I shouldn’t be here at all.

“Could I make a phone call?  I forgot I need to call a friend.”

“Sure,” I said, pulling my shirt on.

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