Wednesday, May 25, 2016


And there she was in the lobby at eleven o’clock, when I came down to greet her….
*   *   *

So, here’s how stupid I am:  taking a curving turn at 87mph, that’s 155km.  The sign read “Warning, 40km. Slow. Curve.”

Driving twelve hours straight, taking a curve at 87 per….

The car careened into the solid rock of the overpass; flew across the road, and slammed off of a huge, concrete pillar.  Then it tumbled over the snarled guardrail and into the frozen mud.

All the junk in the car --tapes, my sweater, old coffee cups half-full of coffee from the night before, me-- all of it, slammed back and forth.  First one way, then the other.  Sky, mud, sky….

Six seconds.

All four tires burst; shit was everywhere.

The wipers were still going, and somehow, so was I.  Unscathed.

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