Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Those folks at Empire Online are such teases. They have a new picture of the Joker, but rather than just showing it so the world can breath a sigh of relief and say, yes, that is Heath Ledger wearing a pinstriped purple suit and panda/clown makeup while making a pouty face, they're slowly revealing it throughout the week.

Seems the image is being uncovered a square at a time, so right now all you can see is the above image of his feet. As you'd expect, the unadulterated madness of the Joker does not hinder him from buying fancy dress socks, so long as they fit his particular color scheme. Buying expensive socks at Banana Republic is so crazy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little (Robot) Wing

Jehosaphat's boots! The XPV R.A.D. Robotic Air Defense toy ($65) is billed as an "awesome flying robot toy". While it does fly, and the figure attached does light up and do some talking, I'm hard pressed to call him a robot. I expect more out of a robot than blinking eyes and missile sounds. However, the thing still seems pretty cool.

"Capable of performing amazing aerial stunts. Flight range of over 300 feet. Flies up to 30 MPH and over 20 stories. New, super-light stealth styling inspired by real stealth planes. Twin turbo engine design. Made with impact resistant material. Includes first aid vehicle repair kit. Detachable blaster included. 2 Channel controller."

Not only that, but the thing drives on land and the XPV battery charger can charge other USB devices you may have on you. Whoo-wee! Last Christmas I bought one of those micro-helicopters for myself because no one else loves me. It was pretty fun until I wrecked it in the ceiling fan trying to evade a cat. This year I may treat myself to one of these bad boys and chase squirrels around the yard. Because that's what you do when you have no friends.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Too Wrecked To Care, Anyway

Proving that the general public is only half as stupid as you feared, sales for Britney Spears' new album Blackout have come to a crawl after fans bought only 430,000 copies, according to FOX News:

"On Friday morning, "Blackout" stands at No. 59 on It’s also No.
13 on iTunes, which means that its downloading days are dwindling as well.A new
single, “Piece of Me,” is getting some airplay including on the nation’s top pop
station, New York’s Z-100. But that doesn’t seem to make much of a
I’m surprised, actually. I thought Britney’s new album was excellent. I even bought copies for my family and handed them out at Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone seemed pretty happy. I mean, despite my parents disowning me and my 90-year-old grandmother trying to stab me in the neck with a turkey leg. Then my uncle said something about making it "look like a hunting accident.” I dunno, I was too busy trying to suck all the booze out of the rum cake with a straw before the cops came.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wonder Twin Powers: Activate!

These 8-year old twins, tired of being bullied, have developed wedgie-proof underwear, the Rip-Away 1000s. This may be the greatest internet video of all time, those poor little bastards. It may also be the saddest. You just have to watch. The only problem is, I failed to hear any mention of swirlie-proof heads, indicating these kids still have plenty years of torture ahead of them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fantasy Recap, Week 11: I'm Only Sleeping

Week 11 has gone by... and I tell ya', it's almost like I slept through it. Now that the bye weeks are over, I could almost leave a lineup alone. I don't, y'understand... but I could.
So, in my NFL.COM league? I lost.

Catchers in the Rye

Projected: Win

Actual: Loss 84-90

Catchers in the Rye 6-5-0
LacesOu 5-6-0
Textboo 5-6-0
Eau Claire Vandals 4-7-0

Tiny Adorable Hedgehogs 7-4-0
Death by Haiku 2 5-6-0
RumseyB 3-8-0
Goregor 3-8-0

DredPir 9-2-0
HolyHan 9-2-0
Mothers 6-5-0
Underdo 4-7-0

There's no shame in losing, since I lost to Kathleen's "Holy Hand Grenades of Antioch" and all... but winning woulda' been better. Now, somehow, it's a horse race in my division, and I'm playing Mario this week. If I lose, I may barely hang on to #1 in my division... and #1? That's my only shot at making the playoffs.
Over in that "Can't Win for Losing" league? I won.

Sith Lords of the Gridiron

Projected: Loss

Actual: Win 109-76

Clemson 6-3-2
UsualSu 6-5-0
LofasLa 6-5-0
Sith Lords of the Gridiron 4-6-1

BBbadbo 7-4-0
Knights 7-4-0
FBomber 6-5-0
royals1 5-6-0

TeamAlp 5-5-1
Lynchbe 5-6-0
YounGGu 4-7-0
FifeFan 3-8-0

Like the man said: "So what? Big deal." I mean, everyone in my division would have to lose every remaining game while I win every remaining game for me even to have a shot at the playoffs here. Still, winning is nice.
In that league I once ruled? I won. And I still rule.

The Powerful Mach 5!

Projected: Win

Actual: Win 118-59

Powerful Mach 5! 9-2-0
Provide 6-5-0
JediMas 5-6-0
Bigbron 2-9-0

NEPats 8-3-0
Baldeag 5-6-0
Skeleto 2-9-0
ItaliHe 2-9-0

Provide 9-2-0
Xchucki 9-2-0
Breakin 3-8-0

I got some mathematical help 'cause the team behind me in my division played a heavy-hitter in another division, and lost. So the good news is I widened my lead in my division. The bad -if shallow- news is that as a result I share a 9-2 record now with two other teams. I'm still overall points leader, though... and I'm willing to bet I dress better than those other guys.
In my Yahoo! league? I lost. Huge.

Blue Blazer Regulars

Projected: Loss

Actual: Loss 203.00-366.50

*1. Purple Flat. Blasts 9-2-0
*2. Night Train 9-2-0
*3. De chier des bulles 8-3-0
*4. Blue Blazer Regulars 7-4-0
5. MightyPurpleHelmets 6-5-0
6. Extreme Hummingbird 5-6-0
7. Snooze Alarm 4-7-0
8. LiL Man 3-8-0
9. Purple People Eaters 3-8-0
10. Intercepticons 1-10-0
* Clinched Playoff Spot

The cool news is I've clinched a playoff spot! So has Nancy! Woot!
I've almost done the opposite of that in the office Yahoo! league. Over there? I won.

Live Free; Rhyme Hard

Projected: Win

Actual: Win 265.16-223.06

*1. Death by Haiku 9-2-0

*2. BALCO 8-3-0

*3. Flatulence Blasts! 8-3-0

4. The Pastry Ducks 7-4-0

5. The Flying Frenchman 7-4-0

6. San Diego Zoo 6-5-0

7. LightsOut 6-5-0

8. Livefree; Rhymehard 4-7-0

9. Bliss's Blitzers 4-7-0

10. Baby Bashers 4-7-0

11. Alabama Hot Pockets 3-8-0

12. ativan stat 0-11-0

* Clinched Playoff Spot

I'm just not sure it matters. It moved me up into the playoffs, sure... but I'm playing Tony's #1 team this week, and the rest of the season's no cakewalk, so making the playoffs here'll be tough.
Huh. Week 12 comin' up, and it turns out there's miles to go before I sleep.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Could Drive A Kid To Drink... And Would

This hadly seems like news, but what the hell.

Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered recently that Britney Spears is no longer allowed to drive with her children in the car. Britney had run a red-light last week with her children and court appointed monitor in the car which prompted Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan to call for an emergency hearing. They wanted to revoke Britney’s driving privileges and succeeded, according to E! News:

"Orders were made," Kaplan said upon leaving the courtroom. "I can't discuss
the content of those orders. Documents have not been released by the court, and
I don't know if they will be. The matter will be continued at a future

For those of you reading at home, that’s lawyer talk for “Hell yeah, we kicked some ass.” Though I don’t really think Kevin’s lawyers are in a position to brag. I mean, their job is way too easy. I’m sure they can get the judge to agree with them on anything. They could petition the judge to make Britney Spears grow a mustache and box a kangaroo and he’d probably go for it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fantasy Recap, Week 10: Lay Your Hands On Me

I'm in five leagues this year. Two of those I run, and in those two? I can't even tell you how many people are looking to me for answers. Questions about line-ups, or rankings or stat corrections, and not a one of those asking seems to consider the possibility that it's really not in my best interest to help them, since we are in competition.... Yet, help them I do, and I have to think that this is just how jesus felt. Only I have more comfortable shoes.

So, in the spirit of our li'l allegory, I'll keep this brief.

In my NFL.COM league? Won!

Catchers in the Rye
Projected: Loss
Actual: Win 86-56

Catchers in the Rye 6-4-0
LacesOu 5-5-0
Eau Claire Vandals 4-6-0
Textboo 4-6-0

Tiny Adorable Hedgehogs 6-4-0
Death by Haiku 2 5-5-0
Goregor 3-7-0
RumseyB 2-8-0

DredPir 8-2-0
HolyHan 8-2-0
Mothers 6-4-0
Underdo 3-7-0

Some other NFL.COM league? Won!

Sith Lords of the Gridiron
Projected: Loss
Actual: Win 110-92

Clemson 6-3-1
LofasLa 6-4-0
UsualSu 5-5-0
Sith Lords of the Gridiron 3-6-1

BBbadbo 7-3-0
FBomber 6-4-0
Knights 6-4-0
royals1 5-5-0

TeamAlp 5-5-0
Lynchbe 4-6-0
YounGGu 3-7-0
FifeFan 3-7-0

That league I used to be undefeated in? Lost!

The Powerful Mach 5!
Projected: Win
Actual: Loss 67-81

Powerful Mach 5! 8-2-0
Provide 6-4-0
JediMas 5-5-0
Bigbron 2-8-0

NEPats 7-3-0
baldeag 5-5-0
Skeleto 2-8-0
ItaliHe 2-8-0

Provide 8-2-0
xchucki 8-2-0
Breakin 2-8-0

My Yahoo! league? Won!

Blue Blazer Regulars
Projected: Win
Actual: Win 229.62-296.12

*1. Purple Flat. Blasts 8-2-0
*2. Night Train 8-2-0
3. De chier des bulles 7-3-0
4. Blue Blazer Regulars 7-3-0
5. MightyPurpleHelmets 5-5-0
6. Extreme Hummingbird 4-6-0
7. Snooze Alarm 4-6-0
8. LiL Man 3-7-0
9. Purple People Eaters 3-7-0
10. Intercepticons 1-9-0

* = Clinched Playoff Spot

The office Yahoo! league? Won!

Live Free; Rhyme Hard
Projected: Win
Actual: Win 268-205

*1. Death by Haiku 8-2-0
*2. Flatulence Blasts! 8-2-0
3. The Pastry Ducks 7-3-0
4. BALCO 7-3-0
5. The Flying Frenchman 7-3-0
6. San Diego Zoo 5-5-0 .
7. LightsOut 5-5-0
8. Bliss's Blitzers 4-6-0
9. Livefree; Rhymehard 3-7-0
10. Alabama Hot Pockets 3-7-0
11. Baby Bashers 3-7-0
12. ativan stat 0-10-0

* = Clinched Playoff Spot

So there you go. Won 4 of 5... and it doesn't look like it'll take a miracle to make the playoffs in at least two leagues. Blessed be.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Knife Blocked

Tellyouwhat, the Throwzini Knife Block isn't your ordinary knife receptacle. Okay it is, but at least it looks good. Iresembles the "Rotating Wheel of Puncture Wounds" I saw at a circus once as a kid. It was awesome, the dude caught a knife right in the leg. Blood was spurting like a ruptured fire hydrant. Urban Trend will be selling these soon, for an undisclosed price. I managed to get my hands on one early, and I've got to say I'm a little disappointed. I thought you were actually supposed to throw the knives into the slots, and that magnets or something would guide them into their holes. I ended up losing the two smallest toes on my right foot, my left thumb, and a cat before I figured out that's not how it works.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Jingle Belle

So, as I'm sure you all know, Jessica Simpson co-hosted The View yesterday. To no one's real surprise, she didn’t really talk much when it came to current events. She plugged her new fashion line then resorted to her trademark blank stare for the rest of the show, according to Page Six:

"She was never intended to be on the show as a moderator," noted an insider
who alerted Page Six to the episode. "It was all a big plug for her label -
Jessica barely even talked to the guests."
I think Jessica Simpson should’ve been allowed to talk to the guests. You know, just so we could watch her head explode when one of them tried to explain what a newspaper is. “So, what do you mean?” she’d ask. “You... what’s the word... read? You ‘read’ the words and it put ‘facts’ in your head about what’s happening in, what was it... the 'world'? I don’t feel so good.” KERPLOW!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pop Star

Someone should write a book about "things that seemed like a good idea at the time". Incandescent light bulbs... Three's A Crowd... Goldwater Conservatism....

The Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain from Thinkgeek ($10) is exactly what it sounds like. It's a little keychain with 8 buttons, and every time you push one it makes a popping noise like bubble wrap. Except it doesn't sound the same. Well at least not in the video. And you don't get the satisfaction of destroying something. For every 100 pops it rewards you with a round of applause or some other noise. This thing reminds me of the Snap Your Fingers keychain I tried to market a year ago. You pushed a button and it sounded like you were snapping your fingers. Seemed like a good idea for a minute, but once I sobered up and got released from the drunk tank I realized it was stupid.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Balls On My Fingers & Time On My Hands

{insert ring pun here}

Okay ladies (and men who like wearing jewelry), here comes a novel ring concept by Charles Windlin! It's a ring watch that uses 1,400 metal balls to tell the time. Each ball has a decorative and magnetic side, and is electrically activated to show the appropriate side to either tell the time or display a message. Charles claims that the ring uses far less energy than an LCD display. You know what else uses far less energy than an LCD display? A sundial. Except when you have to use a flashlight to read it at night. Then you're using batteries.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Allez Cuisine!

There's a new Iron Chef in town.

Me? I miss the old days....

Monday, November 12, 2007

High Concept

I don't know what's more annoying about this "concept art" for the upcoming Astro Boy: the fact that they're deciding to make concept art at all (are the 50 years worth of manga not enough?), or that they're making such pathetic little changes. More metal stuff on the arm gun? Brilliant. If anything, make him less naked, or at least do something that would distinguish him from a cyborg Big Boy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smart Mouse. Dumb Terminal.

The Brain Gold Mouse is a mouse that loosely resembles a golden brain. Or exactly resembles a golden brain, if brains were actually golden. It's made by Pat Says Now, features 800 DPI, and costs a staggering $43. Why this product exists is a mystery to me. It seems stupid, yet I have to assume it's for people who want other people to know just how smart they are. I heart an ironic brain mouse!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fox On The Run

Britney Spears ran a red light at a dangerous intersection while trying to use her cell phone recently. Not only were her kids in the car, but so was the court-appointed monitor. She’s already in love with Britney to begin with, so I’m sure a near-death experience just strengthened the bond. The whole thing was captured on tape and will probably spell trouble for Britney considering the judge doesn't approve of her driving. TMZ reports:

"The Popwreck approached the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon. You then see
Britney raise her cellphone to her face. It is unclear if she's texting or
making a call. She then drives into the intersection as someone outside the car
screams, "Red light, red light!" Britney then turns left onto Mulholland Drive,
managing to miss oncoming traffic."

I find it amazing enough that Britney Spears has the mental capacity to operate a motor vehicle, but now you want her to recognize signs and primary colors? Clearly you don’t understand what it’s like to be Britney. You’re not a pop star with a No. 1 album to promote…. Ha ha ha! Wow. Her lawyer is good. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

Oh look! Here's the video!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Fantasy Recap, Week 9: Don't Stop Believing

Nine weeks down. The clock is tickin'.

So, the big news? I lost my first game in that NFL.COM league. Dammit.

The Powerful Mach 5!
Projected: Win
Actual: Loss 94-104

Powerful Mach 5! 8-1-0
Provide 6-3-0
JediMas 4-5-0
Bigbron 2-7-0

NEPats 7-2-0
baldeag 4-5-0
Skeleto 2-7-0
ItaliHe 1-8-0

Provide 7-2-0
Xchucki 7-2-0
Breakin 2-7-0

The good news is the guy in second in my division lost as well, so I'm holding my own.

Over in that "How much more can this suck?" league? I lost. Who's surprised?

Sith Lords of the Gridiron
Projected: Win
Actual: Loss 86-129

LofasLa 6-3-0
Clemson 5-3-1
UsualSu 4-5-0
Sith Lords of the Gridiron 2-6-1

FBomber 6-3-0
BBbadbo 6-3-0
Knights 6-3-0
royals1 4-5-0

Lynchbe 4-5-0
TeamAlp 4-5-0
YounGGu 3-6-0
FifeFan 3-6-0

I have a feeling I'm not making the playoffs in this league.

In my NFL.COM league? I Lost.

Catchers in the Rye
Projected: Loss
Actual: Loss 80-110

LacesOu 5-4-0
Catchers in the Rye 5-4-0
Eau Claire Vandals 4-5-0
Textboo 4-5-0

Tiny Adorable Hedgehogs 5-4-0
Death by Haiku 2 4-5-0
RumseyB 2-7-0
Goregor 2-7-0

DredPir 8-1-0
HolyHan 8-1-0
Mothers 5-4-0
Underdo 2-7-0

Mario lost as well, so again, I'm holding my own. Now if Mario would have the decency to lose a few games, I could take the division over and make the playoffs!

In the office Yahoo! league? I lost. Again. Dammit.

Live Free; Rhyme Hard
Projected: Loss
Actual: Loss 225.52-242.11

1. Death by Haiku 7-2-0
2. BALCO 7-2-0
3. Flatulence Blasts! 7-2-0
4. The Pastry Ducks 6-3-0
5. The Flying Frenchman 6-3-0
6. LightsOut 5-4-0
7. San Diego Zoo 4-5-0
8. Bliss's Blitzers 4-5-0
9. Alabama Hot Pockets 3-6-0
10. Baby Bashers 3-6-0
11. Livefree; Rhymehard 2-7-0
12. ativan stat 0-9-0

If I could string together a few wins, I could actually make the playoffs (the top 8 teams make the playoffs). The tricky part? Stringing together the wins.

Finally, in my Yahoo! league... I won!

Blue Blazer Regulars
Projected: Loss
Actual: Win 308-254

1. Purple Flat. Blasts 7-2-0
2. Night Train 7-2-0
3. De chier des bulles 6-3-0
4. Blue Blazer Regulars 6-3-0
5. MightyPurpleHelmets 5-4-0
6. Snooze Alarm 4-5-0
7. Extreme Hummingbird 4-5-0
8. Purple People Eaters 3-6-0
9. LiL Man 2-7-0
10. Intercepticons 1-8-0

I actually beat the #2 team (the mysterious "Night Train"). Nancy, meanwhile, who barely looks at her roster, also won, and remains above me in the standings. If the playoffs were today, we'd play each other in the first round.

It's hard to believe that the playoffs are right around the corner. Of course, it's not all about the championship. Oh, no. It's not the destination, but the journey.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For

The NY Jedi Academy is kind of what it sounds like -- it's a school in New York that teaches nerds how to swing fake light sabers around like idiots. The founder talks about "hero-building", which was weird because I didn't see a single person in the video capable of lifting a truck off an elderly lady. Regardless, how can you call yourself a Jedi school with no classes in mind tricks? Or maybe when it comes to the NY Jedi Academy, the one mind trick is enough.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

That's What Science Is All About, Charlie Brown!

Introducing the Gamerator! It's an arcade game cabinet with a chilled kegerator in the rear that holds a 1/4 keg. It comes preloaded with 187 classic games, and even has built in cupholders. They're on sale via ebay, and the bidding starts at $2,000. My only complaint with the unit is the capacity of the silver overflow collector. You know, because I'm going to be peeing in it a lot.

Monday, November 05, 2007


The problem with this Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem banner -aside from the concept it's promoting- is that this is like the lamest pose a Predator can make. If you could be there, at the Predator Bar Mitzvah (or wherever they get their learning claws), this is definitely what every 13-year-old Predator is doing.

"Did you see my claws, dude? Get a shot of me showing my claws. Wait, is the red light on? I want the red light on, too."

And this is clearly every Predator's senior picture. It's their equivalent to our holding the lame instrument you play in band.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


When I came across these pictures of Slash sitting at a card table in a bookstore, I assumed he was there to drink his weight in Jack Daniels then shoot laser beams out of his guitar in the cooking section. Turns out he hit up Barnes & Noble to sign his book.

Yup, that’s right. Slash wrote a book.

I’m going to assume without reading it that it will be the greatest book of our generation. Sure, it might not be an empowering tale of sisterhood, or inspiring ruminations on life after death. But what it will have is strippers. By the hundreds. And tales of Axel snorting coke from dog's colons. I’m pretty much going to throw away my copy of the Bible. Won’t be needing that anymore. Thanks, Slash!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fantasy Recap, Week 8: Hammer Down

It's hammer time.

I tell ya', one of these leagues? I'm puttin' the hammer down. Most of 'em? I'm holding a hammer on my lap. And the worst of them? I'm striking myself repeatedly in the head. With a hammer.
In my NFL.COM league? I won!
Catchers in the Rye
Projected: Win
Actual: Win 109-46

LacesOu 5-3-0
Catchers in the Rye 5-3-0
Eau Claire Vandals 4-4-0
Textboo 4-4-0

Tiny Adorable Hedgehogs 4-4-0
Death by Haiku 2 3-5-0
RumseyB 2-6-0
Goregor 2-6-0

DredPir 7-1-0
HolyHan 7-1-0
Mothers 4-4-0
Underdo 1-7-0
I've clawed my way up to second in my division, but naturally, this week I'm playing the #1 team in the league... and once again, the name of my fantasy football pain is "Shane." Shane! Don't win, Shane!
Over in the "hammer head" league? Guess what? I lost!
Sith Lords of the Gridiron
Projected: Loss
Actual: Loss 53-86

LofasLa 6-2-0
Clemson 4-3-1
UsualSu 4-4-0
Sith Lords of the Gridiron 2-5-1

BBbadbo 6-2-0
FBomber 5-3-0
Knights 5-3-0
royals1 3-5-0

Lynchbe 4-4-0
YounGGu 3-5-0
TeamAlp 3-5-0
FifeFan 2-6-0
It didn't help that I failed to start a defenese, but truth be told, it wouldn't have made a difference. Sigh.
But the good news is I won in that other NFL.COM league!
The Powerful Mach 5!
Projected: Win
Actual: Win 124-83

Powerful Mach 5! 8-0-0
Provide 5-3-0
JediMas 4-4-0
Bigbron 2-6-0

NEPats 6-2-0
baldeag 4-4-0
Skeleto 2-6-0
ItaliHe 0-8-0

Provide 6-2-0
xchucki 6-2-0
Breakin 2-6-0
That makes me 8-0! Woot! Remember: that's how long my last winning streak lasted, so winning this weekend would be good on so many levels.
In the office Yahoo! league? I won!
Live Free; Rhyme Hard
Projected: Win
Actual: Win 219.10-137.94

1. Death by Haiku 6-2-0
2. BALCO 6-2-0
3. Arsenal 6-2-0
4. The Flying Frenchman 6-2-0
5. The Pastry Ducks 5-3-0
6. LightsOut 5-3-0
7. Bliss's Blitzers 4-4-0
8. San Diego Zoo 3-5-0
9. Alabama Hot Pockets 3-5-0
10. Livefree; Rhymehard 2-6-0
11. Baby Bashers 2-6-0
12. ativan stat 0-8-0
Of course, I played the worst team in the league, but since this week I'm playing one of the best teams, I'm okay with that.

In my Yahoo! league? I won!
Blue Blazer Regulars
Projected: Loss
Actual: Win 248-240

1. Purple Crap Stains 7-1-0
2. Night Train 7-1-0
3. MightyPurpleHelmets 5-3-0
4. De chier des bulles 5-3-0
5. Blue Blazer Regulars 5-3-0
6. Snooze Alarm 3-5-0
7. Extreme Hummingbird 3-5-0
8. LiL Man 2-6-0
9. Purple People Eaters 2-6-0
10. Intercepticons 1-7-0
I was winning handily 'till Monday night, and even then my lead was comfortable... until Favre threw that last TD pass in overtime, that is. I watched a 50-point fantasy lead whither down to 5 points in 20 minutes. Yikes. Wound up winning -which I can't complain about- but there's gotta' be easier ways.
If you're scoring at home, that means I won 4 out of 5 games. So for the week? I pretty much nailed it.