Monday, March 01, 2010

Oh, Man.

Bad news for guys who can't grow a beard. A recent study finds that ind a little facial hair and a geeky personality the two biggest turn-ons.
"Despite complaining that it looks unkempt and feels rough to touch, the unshaven look on a man is actually a turn-on for 41 per cent of women.

"A slightly geeky personality came second, proving that women really do like a guy who knows their stuff when it comes to technology.

"A hairy chest was voted third, followed by a man who loves to read or cries at a soppy film. Other secret turn-ons to feature in the top ten include grey hair, glasses and being a passionate supporter of a sports team.

"The poll of 2,500 women also revealed that 91 per cent would actually prefer a guy who had a few flaws over someone who is perfect. And more than half would rather a guy who was soft and cuddly instead of toned and muscly."

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