Monday, March 29, 2010


Want to play video games with a girl but don't know any in real life? Well you're in luck, thanks to a new online service called GameCrush. For a minimum wage-y $6.60 you can play 10 minutes of XBox Live  with a scantily clad strumpet via webcam. Fun! Pathetic. That's so shameful I don't even know what to say.
"Girls somehow interested in this should know there's money to be made, with 60% of the proceeds from a match going to the "PlayDate", who at the conclusion of a game can be rated by the user on her "hotness, gaming skill, and flirtiness".
"GameCrush is restricted to those 18 years old and over, and players can select one of two kinds of match/date. I'll let the site's FAQ explain. "We have created two broad categories, "Flirty" and "Dirty" to help the PlayDate define and match her mood of gaming interaction and experience with those of the players. You can choose either option or both depending on how you feel!"

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Gaynol said...

Ewwwww......but I guess that isn't the worse service out there.